We make it our personal business to give you the best training

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Everyone has different reasons for training...it maybe to get fitter or to lose weight...maybe you want to enhance an athletic ability or build muscle...you may have injuries & recognise that rehabilitation is best done through exercise. Whatever your goal personal training at Onespace Fitness is a dedicated one-to-one service where your goals and ambitions are discussed and we make sure that you achieve them.

Personal training is your way of ensuring that there is a service dedicated to you only. All exercises & sessions will have been designed specifically for your needs and will include expert knowledge to get around any injuries or problems that you have with your body. Together we will look at all aspects of your life, from diet & nutrition to sleep & lifestyle. Personal training is for you to decide what it is you need. You may love the luxury of being able to exercise with someone who knows how, at a time that suits you or your health may need a complete overhaul.

It can be hard to find a good personal trainer. Some think that watching you run on a treadmill for 30 minutes represents a “personal” service. Apart from not achieving much at all there is absolutely no point in paying that trainer to attend your gym sessions. Onespace Fitness will promise you:

  • Your goals will be achieved
  • Your diet and nutritional needs will be looked at and advised on
  • Your sessions will be tailored to your body
  • Your injuries and health problems will be taken into account
  • Your trainer will be highly qualified and experienced
  • You will enjoy your sessions