Testimonials — See what our guests are saying about their training at OneSpace Fitness.

As a model it is the most essential part of my career to maintain my figure and to keep my physique trim and healthy.

Even whilst I was at school I was athletic and sporty but with the progression of my career, I realised I needed to alter my physique and be able to tone and shape my body. Therefore I began going to a gym many times during my working week and keeping a healthy and balanced diet. It wasn’t until I began having personal training that I realised how quickly your body can change and adapt to a new regime. Not only are you pushed to the extreme, working every muscle of your body and at the same time strengthening your inner core, but you enjoy your sessions too! I have found that you work much harder with the motivation of a trainer - having one-on-one tuition is the solution. I am so grateful to Josh for what he has helped me to achieve already as well as giving me important nutritional advice and certain things that I can do even whilst I am travelling. Josh makes each session personal, individual and of course tough, but they are always fun and without him I wouldn’t see the results.
— Emma Maclaren

Ever since I was a teenager (now in my forties), I have exercised regularly and eaten a healthy diet. However, I have never been as happy with my physique as I am now. I have been having personal training sessions with Josh for about 5 months and my figure has changed dramatically for the better. He has targeted the specific problem areas of my body, toning and shaping them and also strengthening my core muscle which has helped me following a serious back injury 18 months ago. Josh is an extremely knowledgeable and professional trainer. He works you harder than you think you are capable of but it is worth it in the end. I would highly recommend him to anyone seeking to improve their body shape, tone and fitness.
— Kathy Maclaren

I had been doing regular exercise for the last 2 years, mainly involving aerobic classes with some resistance training, with some good results. But, since joining Bootcamp at the end of November 2010, the results really started to show – and fast! I noticed the difference in my muscle tone after just a week, and started to feel leaner very quickly. The motivation I got from this meant that I maintained my weight and fitness over Christmas and New Year, something that I have struggled to do in the past. In total, I have lost 3 inches from my waist and 1 inch from each of my thighs, arms and hips. Bootcamp has without a doubt helped with fat loss but in half the time I have ever got results like this in the past. I would recommend Bootcamp to anyone who wants results FAST plus its fun too – bonus!
— Paula Styler

Josh will do exactly what he says on the tin, and provide you with ‘Personal Training’. He will listen to what you are trying to achieve and then devise a program to meet your goals. His relaxed style should not be misinterpreted as he is focused on success, and will expect reciprocating commitment in terms of time and effort. I am a 48 year old male, who enjoys his food. Josh has assisted me in obtaining and importantly maintaining a 32inch waist, at the same time improving my stamina and also sculpting and toning my body. I am now happy to wear tight T shirt, and not be embarrassed by what lies underneath. I see Josh twice a week, and look forward to the varied sessions. Give him a try if you are serious about improving your body.
— Mark Shutler

"Josh Small at Onespace Fitness changes lives. The deep knowledge and understanding of not only physical fitness but more importantly nutrition has dramatically improved my quality of life. Unfortunately back in 2010 I was diagnosed with Colitis, a condition that had managed to drastically alter my well being and fitness over a course of around 2 years." 
"I have always carried excess weight; however have always managed to be physically active. The Colitis put a stop to this and seen to it that any attempt of conducting even the smallest of workouts would leave me physically drained and of no use to anybody for the rest of the day. I attempted to speak with health professionals about my diet in an attempt to improve my condition, however was constantly told that my condition had “nothing to do with your diet” and that it was not “a diet related condition”.
"It was not until I had a life changing conversation with Josh that this all changed. Josh provided me with an in depth nutrition plan and explained fully the reasoning behind it. The improvement was almost instant. After spending the last two years ignorantly trying to eat as best I could but being in agonizing pain after almost every meal, I was back to enjoying my food and my energy levels went through the roof within days. I was noticeably more awake an energised within the week and after following the nutrition guide and Josh’s physical workout programs I actually climbed Scafell Pike (England’s highest peak) 2 months later. I now play football regularly, am a keen hill walker/mountain climber, regular gym goer and all round happy and healthy person."
"I have no doubt that if I would have not had that conversation with Josh that I would still be feeling the same way I did 18months ago and would be significantly heavier than I am would much unhealthier and happy. I can’t thank Josh enough for what he’s done for me; he’s honestly given me my life back. I have no doubts he will produce great results for you too, whatever your needs and targets."  -John Brophy
I joined Bootcamp in august 2010 after visiting the doctor with heart palpitations. He told me that for a 23 year old slim girl my fitness was terrible. I always thought that if my weight was kept low and I fitted the clothes I wanted that I was healthy. I cannot believe how much my two sessions a week at Bootcamp has changed me. I am no longer sluggish in the evenings and have so much more energy. Walking up the hill and reaching the top without being breathless now gives me such confidence. I am also getting married this year and to fit into the smaller size dress all I needed to do was lose 1 inch from my bum. No problem! This was achieved quickly and now I am looking for my next goal.
— Jenna Hudson

When we set a date for our wedding, the only place I was going to go to get fit was onespace fitness. Having done the bootcamps the year before I knew his style would suit what I was looking for and he would be able to get me into shape! I gave him quiet a task, ‘I need to be toned from my knees upwards’, he looked at me and said no problem, lets do it!
I was 9st 13lbs when I started, quite possibly the heaviest I had been for a long time and something needed to change. Although I had set him the mammoth task of toning from my knees up, he also recommended I change my diet quite significantly. At first I fought the change in diet as I thought to myself ‘I eat really healthy its not the food, I need to move about more’. The lbs did start to come off slowly and Josh knew I wasn’t sticking to the diet plan as he knew the lbs should have been coming off quicker! He gave me an idea as to the types of recipes I should be cooking and sure enough after 2 weeks the lbs were coming off much quicker. This was my turning point. I was feeling great, more energised and my skin was looking fabulous. From then on, I listened to everything he recommended.
I now weigh 8st 2lbs, and my wedding dress fit wonderfully from the knees up and everything!!
Its been a pleasure to train with Josh and he knows exactly what your goal and motivation it. I really couldn’t thank him enough for all the work he has put in, its not about telling me to do certain exercises, you can tell he truly cares about his clients and makes sure they get the results they were looking for. He has also helped me change the way I look at food, I am the healthiest and fittest I have ever been! I would recommend Josh and the team at Onespace to anyone, in particular brides who want to shift that stubborn fat and get toned, I wouldn’t go anywhere else.’
— Amy Joy Dawson