We now offer an off peak gym membership for our members and non members to use our fitness performance facility.

Do you lose focus in the gym? Our trainers offer fully structured written programmes to all of the OSF Open Gym members to ensure that they get optimal results as well as keeping motivated by writing fresh new programmes on request.

Don't know what you're doing in the gym? Not to worry! Every member will get guidance from our trainers from the minute they start and throughout their entire training journey. The OSF trainers will coach you through your movements and exercises to make sure that you get the best results in the most efficient way possible.

Mobility and injuries holding your training back? We have on site Sports Injury Therapists that offer a series of assessments and treatments from sports massage to K-taping and more. The OSF therapists can offer full mobility screenings and rehab programmes for anyone struggling with injuries and small niggles to biomechanical imbalances. Members will receive discounted rates for all treatments.

Group training options: The OSF trainers will introduce early morning and lunchtime group training programmes at various times throughout the month. Programmes will range from Strength & Conditioning for sport programmes, squat and deadlift technique sessions, olympic lifting for beginners, sprint and running efficiency, mobility and warm up drills and much more.

Nutrition: All members will receive entry to our online performance nutritional E-book. 

Times and Prices: Off peak weekday times are (6am-8am) and (12pm-4pm) with weekend times starting at (8am-8pm) weekend times may vary to earlier and later times (to be confirmed). Plus weekdays will open to longer periods during our Trainers holiday/sickness periods. 

Price: £40 per month                                                                                                                                                                                             * Some group training packages will have a charge.

Entry: All off peak members will receive a pin code/fingerprint to access the facility. The OneSpace Fitness Performance Studio will have 24hr CCTV and members will be contracted in to not giving out any security details that could lead to non members entering the building without permission. 

To sign up for the OneSpace Fitness Off Peak Open Gym Membership fill out the form and a trainer or coach will be in contact.......